Burying the Dead!

Posted: September 3, 2012 in Religion

Today, I was at an Ordination for another Pastor, the Pastor preaching the ordination made a statement that cause a member of the congregation to yell out in church and then go retrieve a 32 caliber weapon. As I presided over the event I was unaware that words that had been minutes spoken had cause a flow of unsettled emotions.

I addressed the Congregation by relating to them I had been the rider of the same train that this church congregation was now on. The previous pastor had died and the congregation could not move past the death of the previous pastor. Everything that was to be done in the church had to be done as if the previous pastor was still alive, I myself almost died because of the same situation. I had become the man living in the cemetery. I refused to try or live because the one man that ever showed me any real love was dead. I would spend hours at the cemetery talking to him from beside the grave.

many of my pastor friends would try and talk to me, they told me constantly that God called for you to live not die! Why are you trying to die with him. When the angry man jumped in the middle of the service because the pastor preaching told the congregation that the previous pastor is dead, “He’s dead I said” please allow your new pastor to pastor not spend his days trying to be your former pastor. I was struck with emotion and yelled OOOOOOOOOOOO, OOOOOOOOOO, OOOOOOOOOOO you so right! I did not mean to cause harm, I was only expressing the Joy, Peace and Freedom in God that I now had because I stop trying to die and started to live!

I felt the pain of the man that got upset because the previous pastor was his brother, I related my experience without knowing of the possibility of a weapon being pointed at me, when I was told what had happened prior to my words of encouragement to the church, I asked myself would I have still stood and spoke the words I had spoken? The answer is Yes!

I didn’t want to hear God’s Voice while I was in the cemetery but God never gave up on me and Now I’m sitting at the feet of Jesus closed and in my Right Mind!



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