>My Acceptability !

Posted: January 12, 2011 in Religion

>Nothing is more crucial to an effective Christian life than a clear awareness of its foundation. Christian experience begins with justification, the act by which God declares me to be acceptable. If I am to become psychologically whole and spiritually mature, I must understand clearly  that my acceptability to God is not based on my behavior but rather on the behavior of Jesus Christ(Titus 3:5). He was and is perfect. Jesus never sinned, He never deserved to die. But He voluntarily went to the cross. His death was punishment which my sins deserved. In His love He provided for an exchange.

When I give Him my sins, He then gives me His righteousness; He pays for my sin so that I may be forgiven. God declares me righteous based on what Jesus Christ did upon the cross. The death and sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross declared me just. I have been justified by the death of Christ. Justification is a gift which God does not put on me but a gift that cannot be taken away. Its mine and I cannot lose it (I am still a sinner but one that has been saved by Grace).

I am accepted as I am because my acceptability has nothing to do with who I am or how I was yesterday or how I will be tomorrow. It Depends On Jesus Perfection Alone!


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