>The Biblical Numerical Meaning of 2011

Posted: January 7, 2011 in Religion


The New Year is about to become a reality for most of us. The numerical meaning to 2011 is one of New Beginnings, redemption & Division.
The number 20 = Redemption + the number 11= Disorder & Judgment: what does this mean for us, In 2011 God is going to redeem you from the disorder that plagued your life in 2010. The world has judged you unfairly but God will allow true judgment to come forth. A deeper breakdown shows that 2+0 =2 and 2 means union, Division. In some areas there will be a coming together and in other areas God will separate those people or things that cause you separate yourself from Him. 2011 if broken down to its lowest form  4 and the number four equals God’s creative work!!! God is about to Create some wonderful and power opportunities for you! Believe it and you shall see it come to pass!!!

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