>Imageo Deio ( the Image of God)

Posted: January 2, 2011 in Religion


As I think to myself about life, I think back to my life as a child to the values and morals that I was raised with. I think back to the days of the farm, the animals, the chores, the ole wooden house with a fire place in each room, I think back to church on Sunday morning and that’s when my mind starts to become perplexed. What has happen to the hearts of mankind? the love and reverence for God that I grew up seeing? is it gone? is it hidden? I lived a prodigal life for a long minute but I never forgot what was instilled in me as child. I know that’s what saved me… the preacher’s sermon on you going to hell, the constant hearing of you can’t play with God…

I guess I’m an age that has past because I just can’t accept the modern day Church and how it disrespects the Sovereignty  of God ….

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