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Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.
Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Burying the Dead!

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Today, I was at an Ordination for another Pastor, the Pastor preaching the ordination made a statement that cause a member of the congregation to yell out in church and then go retrieve a 32 caliber weapon. As I presided over the event I was unaware that words that had been minutes spoken had cause a flow of unsettled emotions.

I addressed the Congregation by relating to them I had been the rider of the same train that this church congregation was now on. The previous pastor had died and the congregation could not move past the death of the previous pastor. Everything that was to be done in the church had to be done as if the previous pastor was still alive, I myself almost died because of the same situation. I had become the man living in the cemetery. I refused to try or live because the one man that ever showed me any real love was dead. I would spend hours at the cemetery talking to him from beside the grave.

many of my pastor friends would try and talk to me, they told me constantly that God called for you to live not die! Why are you trying to die with him. When the angry man jumped in the middle of the service because the pastor preaching told the congregation that the previous pastor is dead, “He’s dead I said” please allow your new pastor to pastor not spend his days trying to be your former pastor. I was struck with emotion and yelled OOOOOOOOOOOO, OOOOOOOOOO, OOOOOOOOOOO you so right! I did not mean to cause harm, I was only expressing the Joy, Peace and Freedom in God that I now had because I stop trying to die and started to live!

I felt the pain of the man that got upset because the previous pastor was his brother, I related my experience without knowing of the possibility of a weapon being pointed at me, when I was told what had happened prior to my words of encouragement to the church, I asked myself would I have still stood and spoke the words I had spoken? The answer is Yes!

I didn’t want to hear God’s Voice while I was in the cemetery but God never gave up on me and Now I’m sitting at the feet of Jesus closed and in my Right Mind!


Jonathan Edwards:

He entered Yale College at age 13 and graduated with honors.

He became a pastor, and his sermon, “Sinners in the Hands of An Angry God,” started the Great Awakening, a revival that swept America, uniting the colonies prior to the Revolution.

He became President of Princeton College.

His name was Jonathan Edwards and he was born OCTOBER 5, 1703.

Jonathan Edwards married Sarah Pierrepont, and according to A Study in Education and Heredity by A.E. Winship (1900), their descendants included a U.S. Vice-President, 3 U.S. Senators, 3 governors, 3 mayors, 13 college presidents, 30 judges, 65 professors, 80 public

office holders, 100 lawyers and 100 missionaries.

This same study examined a family known as “Jukes.”

In 1877, while visiting New York’s prisons, Richard Dugdale found inmates with 42 different last names all descending from one man, called “Max.”

Max Jukes, the atheist, lived a godless life. He married an ungodly girl, and from the union there were1,029 descendants, 310 who died as paupers, 150 were criminals which spent no less than 13 years in prison each, 7 were murderers, 100 were drunkards, 190 of the women were prostitutes. 540 of his descendants cost the State one and a quarter million dollars.

Integrity cannot be faked; the future will bring it to light. the most urgent question for any leader today is not “what’s is my Vision?” or What are my skills?” the question is “Lord what is my level of Integrity ?”

Unfortunately Integrity cannot be purchased on eBay,neither can you barrow someone Else’s. It comes by diligent effort.

Here are some Integrity building action points:

1. Determine to Never Do Anything Privately that wouldn’t Pass Public Scrutiny – Integrity is born in the heat of struggle. It affects life -changing choices on the fly. Often character kicks in when you’re in a counseling session or a board meeting or a vulnerable setting. Your resistance to wrong attitudes and action birth Integrity.
2. Determine to Never Do Anything the Scriptures Frown upon – Study the lives of Biblical leaders. see what they refused. See what they gripped tightly. Copy their best efforts. If you study diligently Integrity, It will help pass the test.
3. Determine to Never Do Anything That will Bring Shame to the Kingdom of God – You are a child of God. You are a citizen of the Kingdom. You have reputation to uphold. The world is judging your spiritual family by your human behavior.
4. Determine to Never Do Anything That Will Robe You Of Your Self-Worth – Self- Worth is the foundation upon which personal Integrity stands. You must keep the Foundation from Crumbling.
5. Determine to Never Do Anything That Will Make You Vulnerable to Satan – God forgives and forgets but human beings keep scrapbooks. Don’t give them any material.

Reference- Toler, Stan.2007,Practical Guide for Pastoral Ministry.Indianapolis In:Wesleyan Pub.

>My Acceptability !

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>Nothing is more crucial to an effective Christian life than a clear awareness of its foundation. Christian experience begins with justification, the act by which God declares me to be acceptable. If I am to become psychologically whole and spiritually mature, I must understand clearly  that my acceptability to God is not based on my behavior but rather on the behavior of Jesus Christ(Titus 3:5). He was and is perfect. Jesus never sinned, He never deserved to die. But He voluntarily went to the cross. His death was punishment which my sins deserved. In His love He provided for an exchange.

When I give Him my sins, He then gives me His righteousness; He pays for my sin so that I may be forgiven. God declares me righteous based on what Jesus Christ did upon the cross. The death and sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross declared me just. I have been justified by the death of Christ. Justification is a gift which God does not put on me but a gift that cannot be taken away. Its mine and I cannot lose it (I am still a sinner but one that has been saved by Grace).

I am accepted as I am because my acceptability has nothing to do with who I am or how I was yesterday or how I will be tomorrow. It Depends On Jesus Perfection Alone!


The New Year is about to become a reality for most of us. The numerical meaning to 2011 is one of New Beginnings, redemption & Division.
The number 20 = Redemption + the number 11= Disorder & Judgment: what does this mean for us, In 2011 God is going to redeem you from the disorder that plagued your life in 2010. The world has judged you unfairly but God will allow true judgment to come forth. A deeper breakdown shows that 2+0 =2 and 2 means union, Division. In some areas there will be a coming together and in other areas God will separate those people or things that cause you separate yourself from Him. 2011 if broken down to its lowest form  4 and the number four equals God’s creative work!!! God is about to Create some wonderful and power opportunities for you! Believe it and you shall see it come to pass!!!

>Inspiring Others To Follow !

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Inspiring Others To Follow !
One cannot lead from behind. You can drive them, but they will never follow. Your leadership will become resentment to them. You cannot lead from the center. You can comfort or sympathize with them, but they will not respect you as a leader.  You must lead front the front, only when you are ahead of others can you draw them along with you.  That’s what leadership is!
            Leadership is drawing people to a cause greater than themselves and motivating them to reach their potential in achieving it.  To “attract people” requires you to draw others along with you. To attract people “to a cause” means that you must know where you are going. To attract others to a cause “greater than themselves” means that you must have a sense of urgency about the goal.
            Here are seven tools for any leader who hopes to attract others to the mission: 
1.  Give people freedom to create: people must have the freedom to try new things, to be innovative, as a leader you release them to explore. “My Way or the Highway” is a motto for disaster.  
2.  Give People Authority, Not Just Responsibility: Effective leaders are not micromanagers. They know how to give others authority to make decisions within their responsibility. Giving the responsibility validates, gives worth and frees the associates to achieve.  
3.  Show Appreciation: show appreciation for whatever effort has been given. Show me a person who doesn’t like to be praised and I’ll show you person who doesn’t like anything. Praise them for working, praise them for attempting, praise them and they will work even harder to get the task just as was ordered.
4. Recognize Success: Public recognition encourages the bystanders to get involved. People work harder and better when they know they are being recognized and appreciated.
5. Involve People in the Journey: The old model was leadership from the top downward. The new model of leadership is participation oriented. When workers feel they are involved, they buy into the project and are more likely to show their creative ideas and support the endeavor. “We have a decision to make and I would like to hear your input” The team members who hear this are will follow the new direction, whether it was their idea or not.
6. Challenge People: Help them to understand that pain accompanies gain. There are rewards after the pain of accomplishment.
7. Show Compassion: Romans 12:15 says “Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn (NIV).” Pray for the needs of your workers. Let them know you care about them. Compassion is crucial to leadership.
  • Do you want lead people? Get out in front of them; inspire them to change, and point the way. People are drawn to a good leader. Be one and they will follow.
Reference: Tobler, Stan. Practical Guide for Pastoral Ministry. Indianapolis IN: Wesleyn Publishing House, 2007.

>Jeremiah 31:3

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The LORD appeared to him from far away. I have loved you with an everlasting love; therefore I have continued my faithfulness to you.

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